Liberty Calibration is now part of Keysight Technologies

The Liberty Calibration team is comprised of Liberty Labs, World Cal, and Liberty Labs Canada. Liberty Calibration provides a convenient solution for your accredited calibration needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the field of calibration. See below to learn more!

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Liberty Labs

Established in 1988, Liberty Labs is a world-class leader in antenna calibrations. The company is located in the middle of America's Heartland in rural western Iowa. The hilly terrain provides an ideal location virtually free of ambient radio signals or other sources of electromagnetic interference. Antenna calibrations are conducted on a CISPR 16-1 compliant 50 by 80 Meter Ground Plane.

World Cal

Founded in 2000, World Cal is a privately held company operating across the United States and in select global markets. The company is an A2LA-accredited calibration laboratory providing a full range of NIST traceable calibration services for RF and Microwave equipment.

Liberty Labs Canada

Liberty Labs Canada was started in 2014 and became A2LA accredited in 2015. It was opened to provide our Canadian clients with easier access to on-site and in-house calibrations. Liberty Labs Canada endeavors to provide great customer service, fast turnaround time, and competitive prices. It is located in Kanata, Ontario, Canada.

Mike Howard

Mike Howard has been an amateur radio enthusiast since he was 11. In 1988, he took a chance at starting his own consulting business, and in 1992 he started doing antenna calibrations in a Boy Scout tent in his backyard.

Now he owns several businesses (none of which operate out of tents).