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Most of the files below are PDFs, so you will need Adobe Reader on your computer to view them. Some of these files are large and may take longer to download. To fill out a PDF form, download the form and save it to your desktop. Open it and fill out the form fields; save the changes. You can then attach it to an email or submit it via the online quote request form.

Customer Forms & Calibration Request Forms

Links & Software

  • Site Attenuation
    • This PDF is an example Data Logbook with sample data. It also includes basic information on Site Attenuation.
  • EdMax Software:
    • This program will calculate the max received voltage in dB based on 1 picowatt of power into a halfwave resonant dipole. This is calculated based on the measurement distance, height of the transmit antenna above ground and the scan range of the receive antenna in meters.
      Click here to download the zip file
  • certXpress Web App
    • Liberty Calibration's certXpress gives you 24/7 online access to your calibration certificates and data. We ask that all of our customers sign up for certXpress, as we have gone paperless. More convenient for you, and better for the environment!
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